I did not keep a visual record of my exhibitions on a regular basis until after 2012. My first solo exhibition was in 2004 in Contos Gallery in Massachusetts. I sold about 6 works in that exhibition, but have no idea whom purchased the works, or remember the works themselves. It was many years after that I realized the importance of cataloguing my exhibitions and work. The works I sold in Boston to collectors were never catalogued or recorded. By 2012 I had more wisdom in terms of the need to record and catalogue works. I will be amending this page to reflect my solo exhibitions and any other documentation of group exhibitions in the near future as I research my available documents.

In the meantime here is a link to a pdf with my exhibition history: Natacha Sochat

May – August 2019 Solo exhibition: Retablos Waterworks Visual Arts Center, Salisbury NC. Unedited video which shows each Retablo.
The very last Retablo was in the office of the Waterworks Visual Arts Center and I had to add it to the video.

Retablos Solo Exhibition Waterworks Visual Arts Center Salisbury NC 2019
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