Roots and trees: Making Roots and Canopies of Leaves – Between Presence and Absence.

“What exists in the space between presence and absence? This is the space I spiritually live in, as I am Making Roots.”
– Natacha Villamia Sochat

Trees have been the embodiment of the spiritual for all of my life. Trees are a wonderful living entity that are part of the ecological system in our singular living planet. They are connected to each other as well as to all other living things. They are majestic and graceful protecting us with their canopies of leaves. Though some may be gnarled and misshapen by experience and the elements, they are still vibrantly alive. Their root systems are usually hidden, yet are massive and important to their existence as a single entity and as an interconnected community. They have inspired and served living things, including humans for as long as we have existed, yet have existed millions of years before humans. My ‘NeuroMorphic Trees’ are not on this page as they are part of my NeuroMorphic Universe conceptual series. However, the trees on this page are also emblematic of many of the metaphorical meanings that are present in my micro/macro NeuroMorphic series.

We are all connected, spiritually and invisibly. Everything we do or don’t do impacts the world around us. There is only one race and that is the Human race. All living organisms exist in a balance that needs to be protected if we are to survive. The earth will survive but humans won’t. This is where my favorite word lives: UBUNTU.
These are works inspired by Making Roots, my spiritual love for trees as a living entity that is a connected community, as well as the myriad meanings that trees represent in human existence. Perhaps simply just stated as trees are beauty in the realm of life.

A link to the solo exhibition Between Presence and Absence (Making Roots) at the Carrack Modern Art in Durham NC.
A link to a small solo exhibition I had of Making Roots in 2020 Raleigh NC CMAC Gallery