In my Garden

All my works related to landscape will be shown here (eventually, as I am still working on this site, so currently will have just a few).

My work under the performance realm of “In my Garden” were done in Amherst NH over a few years predominantly in encaustic are included. I would plant seeds every spring that I had stored from the prior summer. I walked in my garden every day, storing the memory of the actual experience in the DNA of the plants (metaphorically). I would harvest the plants themselves and the seeds. I would dry the plants, pressed in paper, all over my home, under rugs, between books – whatever would not be disturbed. In the end I collected these remnants and created works with them that held the DNA of memory of ‘In My Garden’

My project related metaphorically to ‘in my garden’ and NeuroMorphic Universe is “Making Roots. It wound up as a solo exhibition in 2019 that went beyond simply making roots in its installation. For now I am uploading one image (unfinished stage photo) with more to come as I prepare images of the work.

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