Complexity and Emergence – THE GRID

My interest in Complexity Science and Emergence has been manifested via the grid in my works. The Grid in one form or another has been part of art history for hundreds of years, whether in its process of creating work, or intentionally included as a visual metaphor. The old masters would draw from life and then in order to make a work as large as life, they would grid off a large canvas and transfer the smaller (also grid) image to this larger scale.

In the early digital age, the bitmap was apparent due to the level of technological resolution. Since we have evolved to much higher resolutions, the bitmap/grid reference in some of my past work is not as obvious metaphorically any longer, but it is still valid . The grid in one form or another is a part of our daily lives, whether it be in the city, or on maps, or networks, or nature, or as a signifier for order (vs chaos) – I can go on and on. On this page I am including any reference to the grid that I may have done in the works I have made, or works made via the process of the grid combined with complexity and emergence (which will be in a sense a hidden use of grid). Emergence, a phenomenon I love to employ has been a constant in my process. I enjoy taking a small number of set factors and using them to create new work. I am separating the very early works (they are on bottom separate area) that I did when I was teaching myself to paint from life that had my initial fascination with the grid (but had not really thought about its meaning).
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