Eye am Witness

We start our lives with the awe and wonder of children and if we are lucky keep some portion of that essence when we are adults.
Eye am Witness are large paintings whose subjects are miniature sculptural eye figurines I created.

I i created the original eye figurines from clay and glass marbles while I was in my MFA studio art program at Tufts University/School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston in 2003. I displayed the small figurines as an installation with books that were important to me, along with my NeuroMorphic Universe paintings and drawings on canvas in 2006 as part of my MFA in studio art thesis exhibition at the Aidekman Gallery at Tufts University. Many years later I decided to give greater importance to these 1 -2 inch figurines by painting them bigger than life size. Thus the ‘Eye am Witness’ project was created . These works, inspired by my belief that art is part of public health, are also a testament to ‘I am Witness’, or ‘we are witness’ for what is currently occurring in our society. Loved by children and adults these imaginative beings have distinct personalities. They represent all of us in different forms, as well as embody self-portraits. They are whimsical and deeply serious at the same time. The space they are created in allows for a multitude of interpretations.
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