I create the visual experience as language with multilayered meaning, contradictory at times, simultaneously abstract and recognizable. I allow the work to speak for itself. I value an artist statement, but those statements that have no real connection to the experience of the work itself are not credible.

I use various mediums in execution of my projects: painting, sculpture, crocheting, ceramics, printmaking, photography, performance art, and video. References to being female, human, sister, wife, mother, healer, scientist, and multicultural, all influence the work.

My art practice is conceptual, but I do not exclude the importance of my hand from this practice for the hand is the mind.

In expressing the conceptual, there exists different degrees of ‘recognizability’. All are equally valid. However, creating an unreadable object expecting that an artist statement alone will justify it for the viewer is not part of my artistic practice.
An artist who is constantly researching and exploring cannot merely live in the narrow confines of one ‘style’. Style is just an expressive communication tool.

The conceptual practice of an artist does not always culminate in a concrete manifestation of ‘object’. The performative as part of the process results in ‘the actual experience is the work of art’. Symbolically and metaphorically, there is a DNA of Memory that exists if only in the body of the artist.

I believe discovery must always be unfettered by any confines of dogma, and Chaos is the ultimate creator of the new.

I was born in New York City, grew up in La Habana Cuba and in the south Bronx where I attended the Bronx HS of Science. Bilingual from birth, I am the oldest child of Puerto Rican and Cuban parents.

I was influenced by my paternal grandmother Balbina Lagos de Villamia. Balbina would take me regularly to visit a Curandera in Cuba. Curanderas are spiritual healers, science combined with philosophical religious beliefs. Thus I became a physician and an artist.

1971-1974 Berlin Germany painter and instructor in photography.

I have an MFA in Studio Art from Tufts University/School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. I have exhibited my work nationally with numerous awards. I have a BA in Biology Boston University College of Liberal Arts (summa cum laude) and a Doctorate in Medicine Boston University School of Medicine.

I was fortunate to learn how to see the light as an artist from Paul Ingbretson. I was in his atelier 1995-1997.

I have taught at numerous places including School of the Museum of Fine Arts (painting), the New Hampshire Institute of Art (drawing and printmaking), and was Master Teacher in Studio Arts at the St. Paul’s School Advanced Studies Program (Concord, NH). 

Currently I am represented by 5 Points Gallery in Durham NC.

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