STILL LIFE: FROM Americana Hispana and more.

A Journey through personal time and space is what every artist has during our life experience. Art as a mode of nonverbal communication weaves our place in this transitory condition of existence. We are surrounded by other humans who may or may not be object creators, some telling us what it means or is required to be an artist of our singular and unique time. But that journey is really our own to define and not merely stand quietly and absorb someone else’s agenda of what art should be. This is our evolution, this is our researching all of the infinite possibilities that art can be and choosing what we need it to be. Many of us simply start with the practice of still life drawing and painting before we grow into more sophisticated conceptual constructions.

As an artist, I created a series of paintings which I called ‘Americana Hispana’.

This longstanding series has pieces of my own life story metaphorically inserted as personal objects of meaning. It is as if my own body were living through all of art history in order to make it relevant and understandable. My personal and private ‘performance’ as the ‘actual experience is the work of art’ thus is an intangible part of the work.

I am also including simply figurative and other figurative constructions of reality on this page

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I have many other projects to share. Please continue experiencing my work.

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