FACE, Ritual of Giving, and Body

face of statue done during covid19 oil painting

I have been always fascinated with the human form, particularly the face. The face is the most important sustenance and icon in our entire lives. We are genetically wired from birth to interact with the human face. The face embodies what we truly are and what we are not. There are so many metaphors and conceptual connections to the face. The patterns of our lives are embodied in the face.

The human body is rich with metaphor as well. For me, it is reflected in nature in a myriad of silent and abstract permutations. I see the body in landscapes, in trees, and in the whimsical characters I am compelled to paint. These figurative but more conceptually abstract renditions of the human form are in separate areas on this website

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Painting the model from direct life observation alla prima in two hours or less: