Visually Abstract and conceptually complex

Abstraction is always derived from reality. It does not matter what the final outcome may be, its roots are in the real perceptual world. Intuition, in my perspective of its definition, is the coupling of knowledge with experience resulting in a world that is greater than either knowledge or experience alone. Intuition is related to abstraction, but it can also be used in more ‘recognizable’ works as a process. Works of art created with intuition by a knowledgeable and experienced artist are capable of transcending the unknowable. It is in a sense analogous to the saying that the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. As an artist I use my intuition coupling it with complexity science and emergence as a process when I create work. Expressive works that are more ‘recognizable’ (less purely abstract) will also be linked on this page. I use my intuition in a performative aspect as my hands and mind quickly create an idea into a visual experience.
In many ways I see my works as visual poetry that is not limited by words, but that exists beyond the confines of words by evoking an emotion or feeling.

Most of my works are personal. They are derived from my daily life and the people that are around me, or the places that are important to me. Though I cannot fully explain the creative process, I can reassure you that I truly understand living fully in the creative realm. I hope that you will enjoy this world of abstraction and intuitive process that I am sharing with you.
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